Below are comments from subscribers who were kind enough to communicate their experience putting my research to work.  I can’t guarantee that all my Options Hotline recommendations will reach multiplier status, but I do promise to continue to do my best each week to find option winners for you…

Leo, longtime subscriber

Bondmaster…great pick…amazing. You are the best bond swing trader that I read. Thank you.


Wayne Iverson

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your Options Hotline service. I have subscribed to several similar services over time and none compare to Options Hotline. Some will provide their subscribers with an endless string of options to invest in and while half may do OK, the others add up to losses. I was always having to add more “seed money” to keep my account afloat.

This would be the reason that I approached your service as carefully as I have done. In March of 2014, I started with $3,000 and followed your advice. I was prudent and pulled partial profits off the table and as of this morning, I have an account balance of $24,878! Isn’t that amazing. I am not new to this game, but never have I made that kind of money and this has all been made with minimal research on my part.

Thanks ever so much,



Jim Collins

Steve, you are always days ahead of everyone else with your recommendations.  Great job!  I am REALLY enjoying my subscription to your service.  Thanks again!


Ralph Hensley

“Hallelujah! The best investment dollars I’ve ever spent. Thanks. Send me my next subscription payment, I don’t want to miss anything you have to say or recommend.


Daniel Toth

I am a recent subscriber to Options Hotline and am very happy with this service and its awesome performance. Since joining, I have hit on two multipliers. Kudos to Steve Sarnoff and his talents.


Esteban Dichiarra

I have been a subscriber for almost 2 years and I had my highs and lows with your recommendations…I never complained when you were wrong like I never congratulated you when you where right…. but I have to tell you what a %%%$$#@@…beautiful reco was and is the XLF. I take my hat off, your precision is immaculate…keep it coming that I will continue to play!!!


Mercedes Adkins

I just want to tell you that joining Options Hotline was the best decision I’ve ever made…since I joined – 3 months ago, I have doubled my money and look forward every Sunday to your week’s recommendation.


Eric Spann

I have to admit, as a brand new subscriber, I was anxious to receive this week’s recommendation, but I am even more excited that you didn’t just throw out a recommendation to satisfy your readership this week. It makes me believe that you take great pride in each and every one of your recommendations, and to me, that speaks volumes about the quality of your service.


Glenn Garland

I don’t play every recommendation you give, but I got in on this one and I must say, I was overwhelmed by the massive gains. I tripled my money in just a couple of weeks. It’s nice to make money when a stock declines. I still have a bit of that mentality that you can only make money when the stock goes up. But this winner brought it home, that even a loser can be a winner!  Thanks.

Subject: OLN

I got to hand it to ya, that was a great call, although I don’t think even you anticipated the gap it made today. When I opened my trading platform today and saw the price of the option, I had to take a second look! Of course, I didn’t wait for your sell recommendation. I know how volatile morning trading can be and I wanted to jump on the best price. I made over 600% on the trade! Thanks again!


Sheila Chesney

I am a professional and we have a wealth management process.  I have traded options for my own account for about 15 years or so.   I am also a research-geek and so it’s probably not a lie to say that if it’s out there I’ve probably looked at it and maybe even tried it over the years.  In my world you can subscribe to lots of things and then they become what I call “shelfware” and you never really benefit from them.  I look at your trades every single week.  I don’t always agree with you (and sometimes to my disadvantage) but I like your thinking and I always take the time to think about why you are making the recommendation.  So it’s fun. I enjoy your work and look forward to subscribing for many years to come.


W. Norman Salter

I have subscribed to many other advisors which I have canceled and only use ‘Options Hotline’ now.  Steve is the only one who is realistic, doesn’t use hype to get you to invest, keeps it simple, and always lets you know what the risks are!  I have come to realize that he knows what he is doing in the field of options, his expertise is an asset to me, and I will continue getting his publications in the future.  Thanks for being there.


Doug Frano

I just want to say Thank You to Steve and have to admit at first I was skeptical and did not subscribe right away.  I just kept reading the emails advertising the profit claims, but I made enough profits in less then 1 1/2 weeks on my first trade to pay for the year’s subscription.  I have to admit I was very conservative and even took profits early on that trade.  On just my first 2 trades I have made over $1400 profits.


Jodie Dikun

I’ve been a member with Options Hotline for almost a decade now. Just wanted to say thanks for the info on TLT June call and all your hard work. Your Dad must have been amazing. He was an excellent teacher.


Tony Cuba

I love your work and you have made me a lot of money.


Mike Turi

My first trade last week was a 50% winner in four days. I couldn’t believe how accurate you were in predicting the first level of support on the QQQ trade. I sold it …when it got there. A day later it bounced back. Just like you said. I was amazed.


Michael Green

Over the past few years on ‘Market Talk’ I’ve had the opportunity to interview Wall Street’s major investment letter writers. Steve Sarnoff has emerged as the most accurate. His Japanese candlestick technique yields much useful information on market behavior. More important, the technique gives Steve clear insights into future market direction. He has truly made some astounding calls on everything from stocks and bonds to gold.


Robert Norrie

My first trade made me $6,540 profits.  Thank you very much.  You are the first newsletter/ trading hotline that I have tried out of hundreds that actually delivers what it promises.  Thank you again and keep up the good work!


Roosvelt Newkirt

I am new to your service. I am very happy with my decision to join Options Hotline, best money I ever spent. I more than doubled my money. Keep them coming our way. I look forward for your recommendations every Sunday.


Jan Archer

I can’t thank you enough for this recent lesson on resistance and support. Thanks to you I made 190% on the Ebay call in 32 days and 198% on the Qcom call in 16 days.  Keep up the good work.


Ian McKay

I have come across many subscription services and some are just dreadful.  This is one of the best ones I have encountered. It’s what is referred to as a ‘keeper’.


Bernard Savaiko

Steve provides a dispassionate approach to the markets, with amazingly accurate results.  A must for traders!


J. Graham Keighley

Thanks for a great service, which paid for itself my first trade.


Matt Parsons

Thanks Steve, Your service is brilliant.


Steve MacDonald

Been following you for years. In fact my first trade was the Lehman puts, what a trade that was!


Richard Russell

Steve Sarnoff’s Japanese candlestick studies constitute an extremely valuable lesson in a branch of technical analysis that deserves to be much better known. Steve is the master of candlesticks.


Duane Wenell

Thanks, Steve: I was able to trade at $1174 and got 295%. Great call.


Eddie Louvierre

I have newly become a member of your service. My first trade was a 50% gain. My second trade is, hard to believe, a 750% gain in one working day.


Robert Rippel

On 4/07/14 bought 3 WFM AUG 14 50.00 Put for $305 and 5/07/14 sold 3 WFM AUG 14 50.00 Put at 1210.00. This is highest option gain I have ever had.


Don Schroeder

You guys are incredible. This is the first time in my life where someone did what they said they could do. Thank you!! Keep up the good work. My first three options were all winners and I could have made more if I were not so conservative. You have me for life! You guys are really good. Thank you again. God Bless!